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Is there such a thing as one celebration or feast of our church that is more important than another? Well yes, I suppose there is. The feasts of our Savior are up there at the top… With the importance that we place on Mary’s intercession, today’s feast is also one to remind us of who we are and the importance of living our lives so as to give glory to God as she did. Because of her part in bringing Christ into our world, she was given a special gift of not experiencing death. We pray thru her intercession that our passing from this life too might not be a struggle for us or those we love.


Feast of the Assumption of Mary

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Holy Day of Obligation-Tuesday, August 15 is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, a Holy Day of Obligation. Masses for the Holy Day are Monday at 6:30pm at Girard, Tuesday at 7:00am at Girard, a!nd Tuesday at 5:30pm at Arma.